Trump Arrested And Released On Bail In Georgia

Donald Trump has been arrested. The former US president surrendered to justice voluntarily, and his stay in the Fulton County jail in Georgia lasted only 20 minutes, after which he was released on bail. This is the first time a former president has been arrested. The tycoon turned the event into a huge commercial, from footage of his private jet descending at sunset and the long line of cars and motorcycles that took him to jail, to the defiant facial expression on an identification photo that will go down in history.

It is alleged that he was trying to fundamentally change the results of the 2020 vote in Georgia. The former president was briefed on 13 counts, including conspiracy, and then got entered on the register: “Number P01135809, white male, height 1.92 cm, weight 97 kg, blond or strawberry hair, blue eyes.” Next is the identification photo that Trump himself posted on social media with the words “Election interference, never give up.” The intention to widely use this photo as a symbol (and campaign gadget) of the alleged political prosecution is quite clear.

And the same photo was also posted on X (formerly Twitter) in Trump’s first post in more than 2 years. His account was blocked after the events on Capitol Hill, and then, after Elon Musk acquired this social network, he was unblocked in November. He began using this profile again specifically for posting the photo. Musk himself “retweeted” it, adding the comment: “Next level.”

Trump will have to appear again on September 5 for a hearing where he will have to plead guilty or not guilty.