Trump: De-Dollarization Is a Defeat for USA

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has said that if he is re-elected as American president, he will not allow other countries to abandon the use of the dollar. “De-dollarization would be a serious blow to the US economy,” Trump said in an interview with CNBC that aired Monday, March 11.

“I would never allow the countries of the world to abandon the dollar, because when we lose this international standard, it would be tantamount to a defeat in war, it would be a severe blow to our country, like losing a war, and we can’t afford that,” Trump emphasized.

Meanwhile, the former US president and most likely candidate for the Republican Party nomination emphasized the “growing use of digital currencies.” According to Trump, if he is elected president, “the US will not abandon bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.” At the same time, Trump said he would “never allow the creation of a digital currency issued by a central bank.”