UN Ceasefire Resolutions in Gaza

14 votes in favor, USA abstains

The UN Security Council called for an immediate Ramadan ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Monday, March 25. The UN calls for an end to the conflicts between Israel and Palestinian militants Hamas and the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. Additionally, the ceasefire must be durable and sustainable, and humanitarian access should be guaranteed to meet medical and humanitarian needs.

14 Council members voted in favor, while the USA, which a few days ago introduced a similar resolution that was vetoed by Russia and China because it was deemed “too weak,” abstained from voting, thereby giving the measure the green light. Thus, after months of stalemate, the Security Council’s position has finally emerged.

Minutes before the UN vote, Israeli sources said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would cancel a planned trip to Washington unless the United States vetoed it. A veto that didn’t happen and one that will likely make relations between the two allies even colder.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, announcing the positive result of the vote for a ceasefire, explained: “This resolution must be honored, failure would be inexcusable.”