UN Passes Resolution Calling for Ceasefire in Gaza

According to Reuters, Hamas agreed to “discuss details”

The UN Security Council adopted by an overwhelming majority of 14 votes in favor, with Russia abstaining but not exercising its veto, a resolution advancing a ceasefire plan to end the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has lasted since October 7, 2024.

The text thus adopts the proposal announced by US President Joe Biden, which envisions a three-stage path to ending the conflict.

The first stage provides for hostage exchange of elderly, sick, or female hostages for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel during the initial six-week ceasefire. The second stage envisions the final cessation of hostilities and the release of all hostages. Finally, the third and final stage includes the reconstruction of Gaza, devastated by eight months of relentless attacks. The parties to the case are urged to comply with the terms of the offer “without delay and without conditions.”

Joe Biden said that Israel had already accepted the agreement before it was presented to the UN; however, in the last few hours, statements coming from Israel have put “the destruction of Hamas” as the main goal anyway. It was because of this fundamental ambiguity in what Israel signed that the Russian Permanent Representative said he did not want to sign the resolution, although he did not use his veto.

According to Reuters, Hamas has accepted the resolution sent to it by Qatar and is ready to discuss the details, the agency explained, citing Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri.