US and China to Create Special Lines for Rapid Information Exchange

Two joint working groups will be created to work on the most pressing topics of bilateral and international relations.

The USA and China are back on track to normalize relations. At the moment, the process is moving in small steps, but it’s still better than nothing. Sources in US State Department say that Washington and Beijing have agreed to “activate new special lines of communication to address the most topical and pressing issues.”
According to international observers, “this decision could be one of the first signs of detente and stabilization in relations between the two superpowers.” It was also the first tangible result achieved since US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to Beijing in June this year.
According to other “reliable sources” cited by the British newspaper Financial Times, “Washington and Beijing will shortly set up two working groups that will primarily have to focus on the analysis of particularly pressing regional issues in the Asia-Pacific regions, as well as on maritime security issues in the region. The creation of a third group is possible, the decision so far has been postponed indefinitely.
The decision was announced at the moment when tensions between China and the USA reached the boiling point over Beijing’s increased military activity in the waters around Taiwan, as well as China’s categorical refusal to condemn Russia for its armed conflict in Ukraine. It was also announced that by the end of 2023, Moscow and Beijing will hold a series of joint military exercises. International media recall that the only foreign visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2023 so far was to Moscow in March. It is expected that the President of China will take part in the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 22-24.