US Elections, There Is Still Cornel West with The Green Party

Cornel West, with his Green Party, will also run in the US presidential election in 2024.

According to Asna reports, the 70-year-old African-American philosopher and activist is determined to run as a candidate in the next round of elections as the “third wheel” in what is emerging as a new challenge between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Cornel West is popular and charismatic in the United States: he taught at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale and is now professor of philosophy at the Union Theological Seminary. He has written several best-selling books, including Racial Issues, has participated in rallies, and advocates for a mixture of socialism, Christianity, and black liberation.

Back in early June, he announced that he wanted to side with the People’s Party, and now he is trying to side with the Greens. Many consider his candidacy, if it really takes place, to be a mere provocation, but in any case, it could become decisive in the next election, taking away votes from the Democratic Party and thereby favoring Trump.

In recent years, West has supported Obama, Sanders, and Biden himself, whom he now disputes as “too liberal.”