USA and EU Plan New Sanctions Against Iran

Iran's defense industry, which produces missiles and combat drones, should be hit first

Droni iraniani Shahed-136

Following a statement on Tuesday, April 16 by European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell that Iran “will have to expect new sanctions from Brussels after the attack on Israel,” the USA also promised new punitive measures against Tehran.

It seems that the leaders of the European Union and the USA took the opportunity to impose restrictions on military-technical cooperation between Russia and Iran, which is accused of supplying the Kremlin with deadly Shahed combat drones.

During a videoconference with EU foreign ministers, Borrell said he asked the panel to “prepare new trade restrictions that will make it harder for Iran to build attack systems, from missiles to combat drones.” Borrell emphasized that the EU “also plans to hit Iranian drone and missile deliveries” to unspecified allies.

The USA has not yet specified the “content” of the new anti-Iranian restrictive measures, which, like the European ones, will target missile and drone production. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan explained: “In the coming days, the United States will impose new sanctions on Iran, including its drone and missile programs.” In addition, he said, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Defense Ministry will be subject to new Western restrictions. “These new sanctions, along with other retaliatory measures, will increase pressure on Iran to restrain and reduce its military capabilities,” Sullivan added.