USA: Biden Wins Election Fundraiser

Presidential elections will be held in the USA next year. There’s still plenty of time, with Election Day set for November 5, 2024, but the election campaign is in full swing, and Joe Biden has sidelined all of the fundraising competitors, which we know are driving massive numbers in the US.

Between April and June 2023, Biden managed to raise $72 million with the Democratic National Committee. That’s clearly a higher figure than from the two most likely contenders, i.e. Republicans Donald Trump stuck at $35 million and Ron De Santis at 20.

This amount, although lower than collected by Donald Trump for the same period before the 2020 election ($105 million), or Barack Obama for the same quarter of 2011 ($86 million), represents “concrete” approval of the new mandate for Biden, even if the feeling persists that the current president has little appeal among young voters.

The fact that the Republican primaries will turn out an uncompromising struggle between 12 candidates should not be underestimated either, although many of them are clearly just “garnishes.” In addition to Donald Trump and De Santis, there are also Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Asa Hutchinson, Larry Elder, Tim Scott, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Doug Burgum, Francis Suarez, and Will Hurd. Biden, on the other hand, has significantly paved the way and can work quietly on the next election, having many dollars in hand.