USA & China: Biden Limits Investment In High-Tech

The story of the “chip war,” in which the US and China oppose each other, has been enriched by a new chapter in the past few hours. Joe Biden effectively enacted a so-called “investment ban,” limiting US investment in Chinese high-tech sectors.
The US President attributed this move, the latest in a series of exchanges of restrictions and bans between Washington and Beijing, to national and economic security concerns. As always, ultramodern microcircuits happened to be at the center of the issue, with added artificial intelligence systems and the developments in the field of quantum computers. “The Biden Administration is committed to protecting and ensuring America’s national security, protecting its technologies, which are critical to future generations of defense innovation,” the White House explained.
For its part, China regarded these actions, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, as “directed against the interests of companies and investors not only in the two countries, but throughout the world, raising serious concerns both in America and abroad.”
At the heart of the new bans that are expected to come into effect next year is a desire to revive domestic American manufacturing, as well as an attempt to limit assistance to China in building its own know-how in some key technologies. Xinhua, citing some analysts, says that on the contrary, this is the best way to push China to improve and move forward quickly in certain sectors. In addition, Beijing emphasizes that the “investment ban” could directly affect more than 70,000 American companies currently doing business in China.