USA: Democratic Governors Renew Confidence in Biden

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to want to give up, despite his poor performance in the televised debate against Donald Trump. Panic spread in the Democratic Party in the hours after the televised debate, with many advising the president not to run again, although there were few “official” voices among Democrats, with the exception of Nancy Pelosi, who openly opposed a new nominee.

And today, Biden met with Democratic governors at the White House, and the meeting revealed that “all Democratic governors are on Joe Biden’s side.” “We all want to win in November,” explained Tim Waltz, Minnesota’s governor. Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York State, echoed this: “The president has assured us that he is running to win.”

Waltz also said that “it was an open and frank dialog” and responded positively to those who asked him if the president could retake the office. Meanwhile, however, Biden is literally crashing in the polls, with the latest Wall Street Journal news stating that Donald Trump’s lead over him is now over 6%, with 80% of Americans polled not considering him fit for the position because he is “too old.”

Earlier in the day, Biden downplayed his poor performance, explaining that he “messed up” in the televised duel with Donald Trump, while yesterday he explained, likely making his situation worse: “I wasn’t smart, I decided to travel the world a couple of times before the debate (10 days before – ed.), because I don’t know how many time zones there are, I think at least 15… I didn’t listen to my staff… And then I almost fell asleep on stage.”