USA: Haley Wins in Washington DC “Swamp”

The first success of Donald Trump's only opponent in the Republican primary isn't too significant

Nikki Haley won the Republican primary in Washington, D.C., securing a win over Donald Trump, who otherwise leads her party’s primary election by a wide margin. For Trump, Haley’s success is insignificant, to the extent that, as he himself said, he stayed out of “that swamp.”

“I purposely stayed away from the D.C. Vote because it is the ‘Swamp,’ with very few delegates, and no upside,” Trump wrote on his Truth social media account. “Birdbrain (Haley – ed.) spent all of her time, money and effort there. Over the weekend we won at Missouri, Idaho, and Michigan – BIG NUMBERS – Complete destruction of a very weak opponent. The really big numbers will come on Super Tuesday. Besides, we’re ahead of Crooked Joe (Biden – ed.)!”

Haley received 1274 votes in Washington, representing 62.8% of preferences, while the former president stopped at 33.3% with 676 preferences.

Haley’s first victory may also be her last, as on Super Tuesday, March 5, Trump is the favorite in all 15 states heading to the polls. Her success in Washington DC also doesn’t matter much because of the particularly moderate type of electorate in the capital, where Republicans represent a minimal portion of the population and where Joe Biden won 92% of the vote in 2020.