USA: House of Representatives Approves Bill to Send Weapons to Israel

The measure will be blocked in the Senate, where Democrats are eager not to even consider it

Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would force President Joe Biden to “unconditionally continue” military support for Israel. The measure reverses Biden’s decision to suspend some weapons shipments to Israel and “precludes the president from making another such decision.” The measure was approved with 224 votes in favor and 187 against, but, according to US newspapers, “it has no future in the Senate, where Democrats are eager not to even consider it.”

The House vote, which came despite serious civilian casualties from Israeli military operations in Gaza, followed Biden’s decision to suspend shipments of 3500 highly charged bombs that could be used in Rafah. The decision was criticized by Republicans who wanted to “caution” the Democratic president with their vote.

The bill requires “prompt delivery” of congressionally approved military aid to Israel and otherwise threatens to block some State Department and congressional funding, including for the pay of some officials. Along with Republicans in favor of the bill, 16 Democratic lawmakers representing the so-called “moderate wing of the Democratic Party,” known for its staunch support of Israel, voted in favor. But three lawmakers from the conservative wing of the Republican Party voted against the bill, including Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who is also hostile to military aid to Ukraine, and Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

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