USA. National Debt Increases By $275 Billion In One Day

In October 2023, the US national debt growth exceeded the US economic growth

Just two weeks ago, the United States and the entire world were dazed by the American national debt, which for the first time exceeded the astronomical threshold of $33 trillion. Thus, on Monday, October 2, in just one day, the US government debt increased again by $275 billion – a figure that exceeds Russia’s entire sovereign debt by 3% – and now amounts to $33,442 billion.

Of the $275 billion, the bulk of the debt is owed to various departments of the US federal government, while Washington’s debt to individuals, businesses, and the rest of the world has increased by about $9 billion.

As the Kissinger Internet portal wrote, “the growth of national debt now exceeds the economic growth of the USA. At this rate, the amount of American debt could grow by a trillion dollars in a month. And there is currently no ceiling on the national debt, because former US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, frustrated by the Republican Party, suspended it until 2025.”

Commercial oil reserves in the USA are also out of order: last week they “lost” 2.2 million barrels, falling to 414 on September 29 (latest data from the US Department of Energy). A Department of Energy representative clarified that “current inventories are 5% below the average threshold for the fall period of the last five years.”

And on the evening of October 4 (22:00 Milan time), futures prices for the December delivery of benchmark Brent oil on the London ICE exchange lost 5.11%, falling to $86.25 per barrel, while prices for Texas WTI oil delivery in November lost 5.04%, falling to $84.73 per barrel.