USA: Republicans Against Republicans, Speaker McCarthy Removed

Some Trumpists voted with Democrats to remove the Republican speaker. This happened for the first time in US history.

Kevin McCarthy is no longer the Chairman of the House of Representatives, or Speaker as it is called in the USA.

The GOP official was removed from office in a vote that also included several members of his own political group. The main accusation of the right wing of the Republicans, close to the positions of Donald Trump, is that they entered into an agreement with the Democratic Party in order to avoid a shutdown, which would lead to administrative paralysis of the country.

The motion to remove McCarthy was introduced by “Trumpian” Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and voted for by the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, with a verdict of 216 for and 210 against. McCarthy had been in office for 9 months, when he was elected after a complex political process involving 15 votes. The outgoing speaker has said he will not seek re-election to the position. “Today I lost the vote, but I fought for what I believe in, and I believe in America,” he commented, “and I don’t regret that I negotiated (with the Democrats – ed.), I was taught to solve problems, not create them.”

Patrick McHenry now temporarily leads the House, but until a new Speaker is elected, work is essentially at a standstill. President Joe Biden called on the House of Representatives to waste no time and quickly agree on new leadership: “The urgent problems facing our country will not wait.”