USA: Supreme Court Grants Donald Trump Partial Immunity

For the former president and the Republican Party's nominee in the November 5 election, it's a “great victory for democracy”

Under the decision of the United States Supreme Court, Donald Trump, as a former president, can claim criminal immunity for official acts performed while he was president.

The judges, in a ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts, overturned a previous ruling by a federal appeals court that denied Trump’s request for immunity for criminal charges related to the “Capitol Hill case” where he is accused of conspiring to try to undermine the results of the 2020 election, which Joe Biden won. As a practical matter, the crimes charged against the tycoon would need to distinguish between the official and private spheres, resulting in a delayed trial.

The interpretation of the degree of parliamentary immunity of the US president is a topic that lawyers have been discussing for years and, according to the Italian portal, “until now, it has never had any practical significance: Trump is the first president to be accused in a criminal trial (and, after the New York trial, the first to be convicted) and therefore the first because of whom the immunity issue had to be really addressed.”

Trump was pleased to comment on the Supreme Court’s decision, calling it a victory for democracy. “A great victory for our Constitution and democracy, I am proud to be an American,” he wrote on his Truth social media account.

The decision will have major electoral implications, given that, as mentioned, the proceedings will be delayed, likely after the November 5 vote, when a new president of the United States will be elected.