USA: Trump Trial Set Months Before Vote

The race for the US presidential election has already begun, and the trial of Donald Trump hangs over his election campaign. The trial, as ordered by federal judge Eileen Cannon, is scheduled for May 20, 2024.

Thus, the trial against the former president will begin just a few months before the 60th presidential election scheduled for November 5, 2024. Donald Trump will have to answer for the documents seized while he was at the White House; they were found after being searched by FBI agents on August 8, 2022 at his private home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Trump was formally indicted in early June: the federal charge claims that he endangered the security of the United States, as boxes found at his home contained classified documents, including information related to the defense of the United States.

In total, 37 counts of charges have been brought against Donald Trump, 31 of which concern specifically the concealment of documents related to national security, others include perjury and obstruction of justice.