Uzbekistan: Mirziyoyev Promotes Agreements with Gulf Countries

Shavkat Mirziyoyev aims to promote a trade deal between Central Asia and the Persian Gulf monarchies.

The President of Uzbekistan made this proposal in the course of the summit held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that was attended by the Gulf Cooperation Council (which includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar) and leading representatives of the Central Asian republics.

Even during the current difficult times, these regions “remained a territory of peace, stability, and development, ”Mirziyoyev explained, according to Agenzia Nova. “The countries of the Persian Gulf have huge economic, natural, and intellectual resources; they play a unique role in ensuring global stability and energy security. In recent years, relations between Uzbekistan and these countries have reached a new level; the portfolio of projects implemented by your companies and banks exceeds $20 billion.”

It’s not only trade relations that can help seal the relationship between these two dynamic geographical regions, but also common values, traditions and, no doubt, a common religion – Islam.

Several Gulf companies are already operating directly in Uzbekistan, especially in the renewable energy sector. According to Mirziyoyev, relations should be expanded at the political level and, consequently, on investments and the development of high technologies. In addition, the head of commercial and logistics exchanges put forward a proposal to consider a free trade zone and invest in a strategic trans-Afghan railway that will quickly and directly connect the Persian Gulf and Central Asia.