Viktor Orban: “Europe Prepares for War Against Russia”

Kremlin: Negotiations with Ukraine are possible on the basis of the 2022 peace agreements and the current situation on the battlefield

Il summit tra Vladimir Putin e Aleksandr Lukashenko (a destra)

“What is happening these days in Brussels and Washington is nothing more than preparation for a possible direct armed conflict. You might say it is a preparation for Europe’s entry into the war.” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said this in his weekly appearance on Kossuth public radio. In particular, Orban condemned French President Emmanuel Macron’s position that “Russia cannot be allowed to win the war.” Poland is also building up fire, as it “intends to shoot down with its own weapons and from its territory Russian missiles attacking infrastructure in Ukraine.”

For Orban, “this is a communications operation in preparation for the military action being planned at NATO headquarters.” Meanwhile, France continues to “show its muscles” by successfully testing a supersonic ASMPA-R missile designed to carry nuclear warheads.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the war in Ukraine could be stopped by an agreement recognizing “the current battlefield lines.” This was reported to Reuters by four “high-ranking” Russian sources, and the Russian head of state said at a press conference following Russian-Belarusian talks in Minsk that “it is possible to return to negotiations, but not just considering what one side wants, but on the basis of those agreements of a fundamental nature reached during the talks in Belarus and Turkey and based on their current realities.”

In addition, the Russian president emphasized that if negotiations with Kiev were resumed, the Russian side should be sure “of the legitimacy” of the Ukrainian authorities and, in particular, of President Zelensky. “This issue should be decided in Ukraine by the parliament, the Constitutional Court, and other authorities,” Putin said, referring to the fact that Zelensky’s presidential term expired on May 20.