Vladimir Putin Flies to China: Unprecedented Level of Strategic Partnership Between Two Countries

Russia and China promote the prosperity of both countries through “expanded, equal, and mutually beneficial economic and cultural cooperation”

Xi Jinping e Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in China for a two-day state visit on Thursday, May 16, during which he will also travel to the northeastern city of Harbin. It will be the Russian leader’s first foreign trip since officially taking office in the Kremlin on May 7. In a large interview given to Chinese media on the eve of his visit to China, the Russian president recalled that in 2023, President Xi Jinping “chose Russia as the first destination” of his state visit once he was confirmed as leader of the People’s Republic of China for an unprecedented third term, holding in-depth bilateral talks for five to six hours, followed by substantive official events.

“This unprecedented level of strategic partnership between our countries determined my choice of China as the first state to visit after my official inauguration as president of the Russian Federation,” Putin emphasized, recalling the “deep and lasting friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Russia and China.” According to Putin, Russian-Chinese relations have now reached the highest level in history and continue to develop despite the difficult international situation.

The partnership between Russia and China “is always based on equality and trust, respect for sovereignty and consideration of mutual interests. President Xi Jinping, a wise and far-sighted leader, plays a special and leading role in the development of bilateral relations,” Putin emphasized, praising China’s “sincere desire and approach to resolving the crisis in Ukraine.”

In this context, Russia and China are consolidating “foreign policy coordination for building a just multipolar world order,” while strengthening the foundations for “the future success of our comprehensive strategic coordination partnership in the new era.”