Vladimir Putin. Heading for Fifth Term as President

More than 112 million voters will be able to express their opinions both online and in person (March 15-17)

Vladimir Putin

According to various opinion polls, between 80% and 83% of eligible voters will vote in the upcoming presidential election for Vladimir Putin, Russia’s undisputed leader for nearly a quarter century. Elections will be held both online and in-person (March 15-17).

The presidential term in Russia is 6 years, meaning that Putin will be able to stay in power in the Kremlin until 2030. In addition to Putin, the election lists include Communist Nikolai Kharitonov, Leonid Slutsky of the LDPR, and Vladimir Davankov of the New People movement.

On the eve of the vote, Putin delivered a televised address to 112.3 million registered voters, inviting citizens to go to the polls and demonstrate their patriotism. “Come to the polling stations to express your civic and patriotic position, to vote for your candidate, for the successful future of our beloved Russia,” the Russian president said, emphasizing that the future of Russia is in the hands of its citizens. The hybrid war unleashed by the West against Russia and the sanctions policy have led to quite the opposite results from those proclaimed by the US and its allies. The special military operation in Ukraine, launched in February 2022, gave an impetus to economic development, replacing many imported products with “made in Russia” production. The ruble exchange rate against the dollar and euro has remained stable for many months, with Russia’s GDP increasing by 3.4 percent in 2023.