Von Der Leyen, Austrian Ultimatum: Find a Solution for the Brenner Pass

Ursula von der Leyen’s issued an ultimatum to Austria for the blockade of the Brenner Pass. The border between Italy and Austria, one of the busiest sections of our country, for many years has been at the center of a dispute between Italy and Austria, as it serves as the main south-north corridor for European road transport.

To discourage traffic, Vienna has been imposing restrictions on the passage of heavy vehicles for years, causing long lines and effectively restricting freedom of transportation between the two countries of the European community. This problem concerns not only Italy, but also Germany, in particular Bavaria.

“Austria has so far rejected the proposals of the European Commission to lift the unilateral blockade on the Brenner Pass,” explained European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “Now we will propose the final mediation conversation. The unleashed anger in Bavaria and Italy is understandable, as the blockage causes kilometer-long traffic jams.”

The position of Italy has been clarified several times in recent months: the problem of traffic along this route is obviously not denied, and “significant resources are actually being invested in the railway tunnel. In addition, it should be emphasized that the unilateral blockade by Vienna has not reduced the movement of vehicles and that, despite a significant increase in traffic, air quality indicators continue to improve thanks to the efforts of carriers who have invested in their fleet,” explained the Ministry of Transport in February last year, decisively requesting compliance with the agreements.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport itself welcomed Ursula von der Leyen’s statements, “Italy is no longer willing to put up with unilateral entry bans to Austria: years of proposals and diplomatic action have not produced the desired results; Italian workers and travelers deserve respect.”