Worldwide Protests After USA Vetoes Palestine’s UN Membership Bid

Arab countries and the leadership of the Palestinian National Authority condemned the use of the United States veto power

The US delegation vetoed, blocking a draft resolution introduced by Algeria in the UN Security Council calling for Palestine’s “full” participation in the UN. Only the USA opposed the proposal, which received 12 votes in favor from Russia, China, France, Japan, South Korea, Ecuador, Algeria, Malta, Slovenia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, and Guyana. Two delegations, Switzerland and Great Britain, abstained.

Immediately after the results were announced, Arab countries deplored Washington’s obstructionist stance. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) chairman condemned the US use of the veto, calling it “unjust, immoral, and unjustified.” The use of veto power by the United States “defies the will of the international community, which strongly supports obtaining full membership of the State of Palestine in the UN, as most countries have recognized the Palestinian state since 2012,” he stressed. The statement noted that “the hostile policy of the United States towards Palestine, its people, and their legitimate rights constitutes a blatant aggression against international law and encourages the continuation of Israel’s genocidal war against our people in Gaza and the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.”

The US veto also sparked protests in New York City, where more than 100 people were arrested after the NYPD broke up a pro-Palestinian demonstration organized at Columbia University.