TÜRKIYE (TURKEY): İsrail ile ittifak yapan FETÖ, emniyet, yargı ve medyadaki uzantılarıyla çete operasyonu üzerinden darbe hazırlıyor. MHP lideri, FETÖ’nün çete operasyonu üzerinden yeni darbe planladığını söyledi. Eski istihbaratçı Orakoğlu da MOSSAD’ın parmağına işaret etti. Ayhan Bora Kaplan soruşturması üzerinden Hükûmet’e operasyona hazırlanan polis şefleri görevden alınırken, darbe iddiaları için MİT devreye girdi. Son gelişmelerin, 17-25 benzeri bir komplo olduğu ve Emniyet, MİT, yargı ve TSK içerisinden yeni girişimlerin gelebileceği belirtiliyor. Sürecin en belirleyici aktörleri arasında MOSSAD başta olmak üzere bazı Batılı istihbarat servisleri, ABD ve Londra merkezli “think thank” kuruluşları ve içerideki uzantıları bulunuyor. Türkiye’nin planladığı Irak ve Suriye terör operasyonları, Gazze konusunda alınan inisiyatif, Türkiye’de üretilmek istenen kaosun en önemli sebepleri arasında gösteriliyor. MİT’in son dönem gerçekleştirdiği yabancı istihbarat operasyonlarının da önemli sebeplerden biri olduğu belirtiliyor. Partisinin grup toplantısında konuşan MHP Genel Başkanı Devlet Bahçeli, “Olan biten tüm kanun dışı irtibat ve ilişki ağlarının farkındayız. Birkaç emniyet müdürünün açığa alınmasıyla geçiştirilemeyecek bir komplo devrededir. Nitekim hedef MHP, AK Parti, Cumhur İttifakı ve Türkiye'dir” dedi.

LE MONDE (FRANCE): Nouvelle-Calédonie : Emmanuel Macron met en demeure indépendantistes et loyalistes de trouver un accord. Les députés ont adopté, mercredi, le projet de réforme constitutionnelle au cœur des tensions qui secouent l’archipel. Le chef de l’Etat presse les représentants calédoniens de reprendre leurs discussions, faute de quoi il réunira le Congrès avant la fin juin.

RENMIN RIBAO (CHINA): On the eve of his two-day state visit to China, which starts on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in a written interview with Xinhua that Russia and China are promoting the prosperity of both nations through expanded equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in economic and cultural fields. In the interview, Putin emphasized that the coordination of foreign policies between the two countries is propelling the establishment of a fair multipolar world order, which underpins the future success of the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era. Putin highlighted that contemporary Russia-China relations transcend ideology and are a strategic choice made independently by the two countries regardless of the political situation. This choice is grounded in the extensive common interests, deep mutual trust, strong public support, and the genuine friendship between the peoples of the two countries. Both nations are jointly committed to safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity, and security.

THE NEW YORK TIMES (USA): When China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, hosts President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in China this week, it will be more than two years since the two autocratic leaders declared a “no limits” partnership to push back against what they consider American bullying and interference. Growing challenges from the West have tested the limits of that partnership. Mr. Xi is walking a narrowing tightrope, coming under increasing diplomatic and economic pressure to curtail Chinese support for Russia and its war in Ukraine. A tighter embrace of Mr. Putin now could further alienate Europe, a key trading partner, as Beijing seeks to improve its image in the West, and retain access for Chinese exports to help revitalize its sluggish economy.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (GB): The US State Department has moved a $1 billion package of weapons aid for Israel into the congressional review process, two US officials said on Tuesday. The latest weapons package includes tank rounds, mortars and armored tactical vehicles. President Joe Biden said last week he had delayed a shipment of 2,000-pound (907-kg) bombs and 1,700 500-pound bombs to Israel over concerns they might be used for a major invasion of Rafah, a town in southern Gaza.

FINANCIAL TIMES (GB): US encouraging Arab states to join multinational postwar force in Gaza. Western and Arab officials say Egypt, the UAE and Morocco are considering the initiative.

THE JERUSALEM POST (ISRAEL): Erdogan insists that Hamas has not been carrying out terrorist operations from Turkey despite meetings with Hamas leaders and allowing the Palestinian group to maintain offices in Istanbul. Hamas has been planning to establish a secret base in Turkey as well as other terror cells elsewhere in order to coordinate attacks against Israeli targets in neighboring countries, including members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) according to a document captured by the IDF in Gaza. The secret document, titled “Founding a base in Turkey,” was discovered in the chief of staff to Yahya Sinwar, Hamza Abu Shanab’s home. The document says Israel’s efforts to clamp down on the Gaza Strip over the past decade has “put Hamas on the defensive.”"

INDEPENDENT (GB): An investigation by The Independent uncovers the missteps, missed opportunities and political choices made by the Biden administration that allowed a famine to take hold in northern Gaza. With access to leaked documents, testimony from current and former officials and voices from Gaza, it paints a damning picture of an entirely preventable catastrophe. President Joe Biden and his administration have been accused of being complicit in enabling a famine in Gaza by failing to sufficiently act on repeated warnings from their own experts and aid agencies. Interviews with current and former US Agency for International Development (USAID) and State Department officials, aid agencies working in Gaza and internal USAID documents reveal that the administration rejected or ignored pleas to use its leverage to persuade its ally Israel — the recipient of billions of dollars of US military support — to allow sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza to stop the famine taking hold. The former officials say the US also provided diplomatic cover for Israel to create the conditions for famine by blocking international efforts to bring about a ceasefire or alleviate the crisis, making the delivery of aid almost impossible.

AL-AHRAM (EGYPT): Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry affirmed on Tuesday Egypt’s categorical rejection of the Israeli policy of distorting the facts and disavowing responsibility, stressing that Israel is solely responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe endured by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (USA): Biden levies sweeping tariffs on China, intensifying trade fight with Trump. Presumed 2024 election foes are taking competing protectionist approaches against. One day after news broke that President Biden was planning to raise tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles to roughly 100%, Donald Trump moved to one-up his rival for the White House. “I will put a 200% tax on every car that comes in from those plants,” the former president said at a rally in New Jersey, referring to Chinese vehicles manufactured in Mexico. Biden, he suggested, was ripping off his tariff-focused trade agenda. “Biden finally listened to me,” Trump said. “He’s about four years late.”

POLITICO (USA): Joe Biden and Donald Trump are trying to one-up each other on tariffs, aiming to prove to Midwestern voters that they have the best plan to protect U.S. auto workers from Chinese competition. But their approaches would have wildly different effects — not just on domestic industry but also on the global economy. Biden on Tuesday will call for a quadrupling of tariffs on electric vehicles from China, along with higher duties on metals and other clean energy products — expanding on tariffs first instituted by Trump in 2018. Trump now wants to go much further, laying plans for tariffs on electric vehicles coming from the U.S.’s largest trading partner — Mexico — which could be far more disruptive. Fearing a coming flood of cheap Chinese cars produced south of the border, the former president and his advisers are planning to impose steep auto tariffs on Mexico if it does not agree to halt the shipment of Chinese-made EVs into the U.S., according to federal lawmakers and three former Trump administration officials with knowledge of his plans.

THE WASHINGTON POST (USA): Biden nearly died after a misdiagnosis decades ago. His surgeon recounts saving his life. Decades ago, an aneurysm was misdiagnosed as a pinched nerve. The president’s survival helps explain his motivations today.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA (RUSSIA): Дели и Тегеран инициировали сделку, дающую индийцам право управлять портом Чабахар на побережье Ирана у Оманского залива. Контракт сроком на 10 лет будет автоматически продлеваться. Возрастет не только торговля между двумя странами. Порт послужит важной торговой артерией между Индией, Афганистаном, Центральной Азией и Россией. Индийцы ожидают, что этот транспортный коридор сократит доставку их грузов в Европу с 25 до 11 дней. Но выполнению проекта препятствуют США, предупредившие Индию, что она попадет под санкции. Кроме того, возможно противодействие Пакистана, партнера Китая по инициативе “Пояс и путь”.

THE INDIAN EXPRESS: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Wednesday, while reacting to the warning issued by the United States a day after India and Iran signed a 10-year contract to operate the strategic Iranian port of Chabahar, asserted that the agreement will benefit the entire region. Speaking at an event Jaishankar said, “We have a long association with the Chabahar port but we could never sign a long-tern agreement. The reason being there were various problems on the Iranian end, it’s a joint venture, partners changed, conditions changed. Finally, we were able to sort this out and get the long-term agreement done. A long-term agreement is necessary, because without it, you cannot really improve the port operations, which we believe will benefit the entire region.” “I did see some remarks were made, but I think it’s a question of communicating, convincing and getting people to understand that this is actually for everybody’s benefit. I don’t think people should take narrow view of it, and they have not done so in the past. If you look at US’s own attitude to Chabahar, the US has been appreciative… We will work at it,” Jaishankar told the reporters.

THE TIMES (GB): Modi builds his Hindu dream on razed mosques. Narendra Modi claimed at the outset of his meteoric rise to power that he had been summoned by “Ma Ganga”, the river goddess, to represent India’s holiest Hindu city in parliament.

LE FIGARO (FRANCE): Espagne: Carlos Puigdemont menace de laisser tomber le gouvernement de Sanchez. Le leader indépendantiste veut que les socialistes, arrivés premiers aux élections catalanes, facilitent son investiture à la présidence de la région.

THE GUARDIAN (GB): Georgia has been warned by the US not to become an adversary of the west by falling back in line with Moscow, as its parliament defied mass street protests to pass a “Kremlin-inspired” law. Washington’s assistant secretary of state, Jim O’Brien, spoke of his fears that the passing by Georgia’s parliament of a “foreign agents” bill on Tuesday could be yet another “turning point” in the former Soviet state’s troubled history. In comments that appeared to signal a conviction in the US that the Georgian government was once again aligning with Russia, O’Brien suggested funding could soon be pulled.

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST (HONG KONG, CHINA): China signals it will help US tackle illegal migration after halting cooperation in 2022. Chinese embassy says Beijing is open to talks on repatriation of illegal immigrants following suspension in aftermath of Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. More than 37,000 Chinese nationals were arrested at southern US border in 2023 – 10 times the number a year earlier. The Chinese embassy in the US said China “firmly opposed” illegal immigration and its law enforcement departments had cracked down “hard” on such crimes while maintaining a “high pressure” against smuggling organisations.

KOMMERSANT (RUSSIA): Целевой показатель инфляции в зоне евро (2%) может быть достигнут в 2025 году, и рецессии при этом удастся избежать, прогнозируют аналитики МВФ в представленном вчера региональном обзоре экономики Европы. Фактически доклад фиксирует “мягкую посадку” экономики — напомним, именно на такой сценарий в своих прогнозах ориентировался ЕЦБ. Процесс “медленного торможения”, как уточняют в МВФ, еще не завершен: на это указывают, в частности, разнообразные индикаторы, в том числе PMI. При этом главным вызовом для европейских властей, по оценкам аналитиков, уже становится проблема перехода от восстановления к устойчивому росту.

HURRIYET (TURKEY): Turkmen gas to be transported to Europe via Türkiye. The sides have reached an agreement regarding the transportation of Turkmenistan's natural gas through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Türkiye, and subsequently directing it toward the European market, the Turkish energy minister has announced. The significant and novel aspect of this agreement is the concord reached on the transportation of Turkmenistan's natural gas to Türkiye through Azerbaijan and Georgia, he said.

KHALEEJ TIMES (UAE): First look inside Dubai’s new airport: visitors at the ongoing 23rd Airport Show have seen a detailed preview of how the world’s largest airport would look. A city within a city – that’s how Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) will be once complete. It will have its own transport system, mini-forests, green zones, entertainment hub and other offerings such as food, beverage, and retail.

THE HILL (USA): Wildfires may be releasing more planet-warming carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals than previously anticipated — by changing the composition of the soil systems that they burn, a new study has found. The charcoal-like remnants of charred wood and other organic compounds, collectively known as black carbon, may not be trapping carbon dioxide for as long as scientists have hope, according to the study, published on Tuesday in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment.