An article by: Edward Lozansky

Putting aside all the verbiage about a new “rules-based” world order, the essence of current US policy is to maintain its elusive hegemony and the right to overthrow governments or impose sanctions on countries that refuse to submit to that hegemony.

Anthony Blinken as the embodiment of Deep State governing the US before and after various presidents

The president of the country should be responsible for foreign policy, but in this case, Joe Biden’s strategic vision of world problems is, to put it mildly, inadequate, and therefore, in fact, some mysterious entity “deep state,” whose face on the current geopolitical chessboard is Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, runs the show.

Indeed, as former Pentagon and CIA chief Robert Gates noted back in 2014, “Biden was wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” If we’re talking about the subsequent 10 years to the present, we need to replace “was wrong” in that statement with “is leading the world to a nuclear disaster.”

It’s not just Donald Trump who is talking about this, but many other politicians and ordinary citizens as well. According to a recent poll, 70 percent of Americans believe that we are already in the early stages of World War III, and since the current crisis is related to Ukraine, the tracks of this crisis indeed lead to Biden. As you know, along with his position as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden was also given the Ukrainian portfolio, which allowed him and Victoria Nuland to coordinate the Maidan coup in Kiev in February 2014. Then, already as US president, Biden rejected Moscow’s proposals in December 2021 to resolve the crisis on the basis of recognizing the neutral status of Ukraine and, with the help of then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, derailed the Istanbul agreements to end the conflict in March 2022. For now, Biden continues to pump arms and money into Ukraine while rejecting calls to seek a diplomatic settlement.

However, taking into account the above information regarding his adequacy, all this is done only on behalf of Biden, when he reads the texts prepared for him in advance and signs the documents, while the main decisions are made by Blinken, who is the brain of this disastrous policy.

Blinken’s crusade against Russia

Blinken began his crusade for American hegemony in 1994, landing an important government position on President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council as his foreign policy speechwriter. After Republican George W. Bush entered the White House in 2001, Blinken moved to the Senate, where he served as Democratic chief of staff on the Foreign Relations Committee, then chaired by Joe Biden. When Democrats returned to the White House under Obama in 2009 and Biden took over as vice president, Blinken became his national security aide. In 2021, Biden, already president, appointed Blinken as Secretary of State.

In this position, Blinken managed to rally the so-called collective West against Russia and to a large extent against China, but at the same time weakened America’s influence in much of the Global South and unwillingly contributed to the rapprochement between Russia and China.

As is known, in the 1970s, his predecessor Henry Kissinger managed to restore China against the USSR, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington tried to engage Russia in a confrontation with China. However, Blinken overestimated the capabilities of the hegemon and led attacks on two fronts at once.

China is Blinken’s second front

Thus, in early 2021, having just taken office as head of the State Department, Blinken invited a delegation of the Chinese Foreign Ministry leadership to an official meeting in Anchorage, the capital of Alaska. The purpose of the meeting was to achieve an easing of tensions between the two countries that have developed during Trump’s presidency. Instead, Blinken further corroded the relations, saying in his opening remarks that China’s policies “threaten the rules-based order that sustains global stability.” In response, senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said that “the United States is using its military power and financial hegemony to exercise long-arm jurisdiction and suppress other countries, which hinders normal trade exchange and incites some countries to attack China.”

Recently, Blinken decided to rectify the situation and traveled to China with a long list of topics to discuss: Taiwan and the South China Sea, military-to-military contacts, use of artificial intelligence, drug trafficking, human rights, trade. However, just before the flight, at Blinken’s prompting, of course, they decided in Washington to announce sanctions on those Chinese industries, with which the USA cannot compete. This concerned new tariffs on Chinese steel imports due to the success of electric car production there and the development of the shipping industry.

But the main issue Blinken focused on was China-Russian relations. He insisted that the Chinese stop selling various manufactured goods to Russia because the USA considers them “dual-use” goods to help it in its war with Ukraine.

In response, China’s Foreign Ministry said that “it is extremely hypocritical and irresponsible of the United States to provide large-scale aid to Ukraine while making baseless accusations against normal economic and trade exchanges between China and Russia.” This was followed by China’s demand that America investigates who was behind the explosions of the Nord Stream pipelines.

Blinken’s special operation to re-elect Biden

Finally, it should be recalled that it was Blinken who brought Biden to the White House, when, on the eve of voting in the November 2020 presidential election, he managed, with the help of the 51 members of US intelligence agencies, to accuse Russia of having a huge amount of dirt on Biden in his son Hunter’s laptop.

We are 6 months away from a new US presidential election. Things are not going well for Biden, but there is no doubt that Blinken, with whom he is inextricably linked, is preparing another special operation for his victory. This time, however, it is not just about internal political struggles, but also about the fate of mankind. There’s no telling if anyone in America will be able to stop this mad slide toward World War III, but at this point, no one else but Trump has a chance of snatching the victory from Biden.

President and Founder of the American University in Moscow

Edward Lozansky