Opinions #16/24

Editor-in-chief Alessandro Cassieri
Campaigning in the USA for the November presidential election is under the lens of fairness. The tug-of-war – whether to pursue Trump or not – is in its early stages, [...]
Defense and Security Policy Expert

Pietro Batacchi


Tommaso Baronio

Geopolitician, military historian, author of "Strategic Atlas" (2022)

Gérard Chaliand

International relations historian, vice-president of the Atlantic Committee, guest lecturer at St. Petersburg University

AntonGiulio de Robertis

Chairman of the Human Rights Committee under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Igor Rogov

Journalist, writer, former FAZ correspondent in Rome

Heinz-Joachim Fischer

Aldo Ferrari, specialist in Russian and Caucasian history at Ca' Foscari University (Venice)

Aldo Ferrari

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XVI Verona Eurasian Economic Forum

Samarqand 2023

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Guide to Challenges in International Economics

Themes and Perspectives edited by Riccardo Fallico

The times we live in are characterized by strong geopolitical changes at the global level. What financial, economic, and energy challenges will the new multipolar world inherit and have to deal with? Will the so-called green economy really be able to protect the environment and, at the same time, contribute to changing the world economic system?

In an era when we are witnessing a downturn in an economic phase, characterized by low energy costs and financing at greatly reduced rates, this dossier is intended to be a small guide for orientation.

A guide to the economic and environmental challenges that affect the future, as well as the present of global economic development.

Why Pluralia?

Pluralia is a window on the world. A world that is as multipolar as ever at a particularly dramatic historical moment. A world that cannot be looked at in the usual way. A world that calls for a 360-degree mental and cultural openness.

Pluralia: topics

Everything about agricultural production and issues affecting the agricultural sector.
The Public Good
All public and green space, water, and other natural resources.
Economic Diplomacy
The art of using economic exchange to bring states together.
The Economy and Society
Organizing human coexistence: opportunities and issues.
The resources we currently have and those of the future.
Greater Eurasia
The heart of the continent, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.
The transportation system, telecommunications, and hubs for people and goods.
Technology and its expansion in every field.
A Multipolar World
The globe from as many viewpoints as there are countries and people groups.
Public Services
Everything made available for public use and the needs of the community.