USA: Republicans Challenge Biden’s Decision to Suspend Arms Shipments to Israel

The White House has blocked the delivery of 3500 bombs to the Jewish state

Republican Party leaders in the USA reacted with “extreme harshness” to President Joe Biden’s administration’s decision to suspend the delivery of 3500 special bombs to the Israel Defense Forces. According to the US press, the White House decision was explained as “an attempt to prevent an invasion of the town of Rafah in southern Gaza.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and his counterpart, Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, released a joint memo, in which they wrote that they were “appalled” by the Biden administration’s House decision to “suspend the delivery of critical weapons to Israel at a critical time.” Two Republican lawmakers have accused the US presidential administration of “weakening” the security of the Jewish state.

“Moreover, this disastrous policy decision was made in secret and deliberately hidden from Congress and the American people,” charged the two Republican leaders, who called Biden’s move “a strategic mistake that raises doubts about our ‘unwavering support’ for Israel.”