Orban: Belligerent Atmosphere in Europe, Insult to God

European leaders are already involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine, they see this war as their war and are fighting it as such

Viktor Orban

Tens of billions of dollars in US military aid to Ukraine will fuel the conflict that threatens to drag Europe into the abyss. The alarm came from Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban reminded that “this is a vortex of war that could drag Europe into the abyss. Brussels is playing with fire, but we are not a toy for the great powers.”

According to Orban, the main danger is that the West will indeed be one step away from sending troops into Ukraine. “There is a belligerent atmosphere in Europe, Brussels is playing with fire,” the Hungarian leader wrote on Facebook, emphasizing that the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev “is not our war.”

In an interview with the Index press agency titled “You anger God,” Orban was even more blunt: “The logic of war dominates politics. I see preparations for war by everyone and everywhere. The NATO Secretary General has said he wants to establish an Alliance mission in Ukraine. European leaders are already involved in the war, they consider this war their war and are waging it as such.”

According to Orban, the USA and Europe are following a very clear plan of action: “First it was just about sending helmets, then it was about sanctions, but obviously not about energy. Next it was about sending weapons: first firearms, then tanks, airplanes, financial aid worth tens and tens of billions of euros, but these billions and these weapons do not improve the situation, which, on the contrary, is deteriorating.”

For Orban, the point of no return would be sending NATO troops to Ukraine, which, according to the Kremlin, would be the beginning of a direct conflict between Russian Federation and the US-led military bloc. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, “Washington wants Ukraine to resist until the presidential election so as not to finally destroy Biden’s image in the eyes of voters.”

To prevent tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers from being caught up in the slaughter, Orban called for fighting for peace at home, in Brussels, in Washington, at the UN, and in NATO. “We, Hungarians,” said the Hungarian prime minister, “know what war is. We have participated enough times. We should stay out of it. This is not our war. We don’t want it, and we don’t want Hungary to become the toy of the great powers again.”