An article by: Edward Lozansky
Democracy According to Biden

It was John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers who served as the second President of the United States who said that “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

According to the Protect Democracy project, there is “A Democracy Crisis in the Making” starting with the state level where “legislatures continue to propose and enact laws that expose our election system to partisan disruption and manipulation. These laws ultimately increase the risk of subversion — that is, a declared outcome that does not reflect the true choice of the voters. They also abandon long-standing principles of nonpartisan election administration and instead allow for — or even encourage — dysfunction, misinformation, confusion, or manipulation by partisan actors.”

On the Federal level, the situation is even worse. The themes of the last three presidential cycles have been dedicated less to usually domestic and economic agendas but more to mutual accusations of criminality, Russia’s involvement, and outright high treason.

Hillary Clinton and what is called the “Deep State” started the fake “Russiagate” saga during 2016 campaign, and it has never stopped since then. Biden followed with a new effort in 2020 and continued in 2024.  For his speeches, he uses Putin’s name in derogatory terms  more often than Trump’s but doesn’t forget to remind that most important for him is to protect Democracy.

According to many observers Biden won in 2020, not only due to violations of many election rules but also because his campaign’s senior advisor, current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, managed to fool the American public that Russia was behind Biden’s compromising materials found in his son Hunter’s laptop.

In October 2020, a few weeks before the presidential election, 51 U.S. intelligence officials signed a letter claiming that Hunter’s laptop “had all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Among them were former Obama CIA Director John Brennan, former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA director, and then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Michael Morell, former acting CIA director who collected these signatures on request of Blinken testified in Congress that Biden’s campaign “played an active role in the origins of the public statement, which had the effect of helping to suppress the Hunter Biden story and preventing American citizens from making a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election.” Some Members of Congress added that “This concerted effort to minimize and suppress public dissemination of the serious allegations about the Biden family was a grave disservice to all American citizens’ informed participation in our democracy.”  Morell didn’t deny that he “wanted Biden to win the election.”

The 2024 campaign gets even uglier when the so-called Deep State is mobilizing all its huge resources not only to prevent Trump from winning the elections in November at the ballot boxes but even to get his name placed on the ballot in the first place. Presently Trump is facing 91 criminal and civil charges that could get him over 700 years in jail and hundreds of millions in fines.  Federal and state judges are trying to disrupt his presidential campaign by scheduling trial hearings around the dates of the primaries.

At the same time, Biden is making full use of his presidential financial and other opportunities to win over young people by forgiving their student loans, promoting to high position African-American voters, and keeping the south border open for future voters for Democrats or even for himself since in some places presenting ID is not required. Federal law bans noncitizens from voting in federal elections, including races for president, vice president, Senate or House of Representatives but without presenting ID there are plenty of possibilities for the fraud.

Still, strangely enough, despite Biden’s age and often pathetic appearance, he is ahead of Trump in some polls. For example, in a recent Quinnipiac University poll 49% of voters support Biden while Trump gets only 45%. This happens despite the polls among Democrats only showing that Biden’s job approval is only 38% which is well below the 50% threshold that has typically led to reelection for incumbents.

Obviously, something is wrong with American Democracy and Washington’s claims of its superiority, especially when this is followed with the policy of promoting it around the world.

President and Founder of the American University in Moscow

Edward Lozansky