Road to Samarkand

An article by: Alessandro Banfi

Trade between Rome and Tashkent is growing. Energy, food products, roads, railways, and airports

Italy imported about 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Uzbekistan

In recent years, economic relations between Italy and Uzbekistan have been marked by constant growth and ever increasing mutual interest. In particular, Uzbekistan represents a very interesting emerging market for Italy, especially in terms of infrastructure and the renewable energy sector. In fact, various agreements have been signed between the two countries for the development of large-scale infrastructural projects, such as the construction of roads, railways, airports, as well as renewable energy plants.

In addition, Italy has always shown great interest in the Uzbek agri-food sector, primarily in the production of cotton, dried fruits, and spices. In recent years, projects have been developed to improve the quality and safety of Uzbek food products in order to make them more competitive in international markets. It should also be emphasized that Uzbekistan is an important trading partner for Italy, primarily in regards to the import of natural gas. In 2020, Italy imported about 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Uzbekistan, thereby confirming the importance of this country from an energy standpoint.

In recent years, there has been a steady growth in economic relations between Italy and Uzbekistan, with special attention being paid to infrastructure, agri-food, and energy sectors. This is a beneficial partnership that, if appropriately supported, can bring great benefits to both countries.


Alessandro Banfi