Iran Attacks Israel, for Terhan “Issue Can Be Considered Closed”

The retaliation after the Israeli raid on Damascus came in the form of drone and missile launches on the night of April 13th

Iran launched a drone and missile strike on Israel, firing hundreds of drones and missiles in several waves from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

Israel said it neutralized “99% of the attacks” with the help of the US and UK. Iran explained that the act was in self-defense after the attack on its consulate in Damascus and called on Israel not to respond.

“At this point, the issue can be considered closed,” Iran’s UN mission said. “But if the Israeli regime makes another mistake, the response will be much harsher.” “Expressing its commitment to the principles enshrined in the UN and international law, Iran is determined to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interests against any illegal use of force and aggression.”

Overnight, Biden and Netanyahu had a phone conversation, in which the US president explained that he would not participate in any possible Israeli punitive operations against Iran.

An official source explained to the Times of Israel that “no decisions” have been made regarding Israel’s response. It will be discussed at a military cabinet meeting scheduled for noon April 14. The UN Security Council will meet in the evening.

There have been statements from China concerned about a possible escalation, and a spokesman for Beijing’s foreign ministry called on the parties “to remain calm and show moderation,” also emphasizing that these tensions are the result of tensions in Gaza, a situation that must be resolved as soon as possible.