Poland Wants to Accept Nuclear Weapons on its Territory

Polish President Duda after visit to Trump: “Wonderful reunion between two friends.”

Poland, whose territorial appetites Winston Churchill once compared to those of a “hyena,” has announced that it is ready to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory. As Polish President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with the Fakt newspaper, Poland needs this “instrument of deterrence” to protect itself and its NATO allies. “Russia is increasingly militarizing” the Kaliningrad region, Duda noted. In his view, “if the allies decide to deploy nuclear weapons as part of the joint use of these means, including on our territory, to strengthen the security of NATO’s eastern flank, we would be ready to receive them with great willingness.”

One of the reasons for the outbreak of armed conflict in Ukraine was the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia, which feels surrounded and threatened. From this viewpoint, the deployment of nuclear weapons on Polish territory could lead to a number of apocalyptic consequences.

Meanwhile, more and more politicians are beginning to treat outgoing US President Joe Biden as a “future retiree,” leaning towards Donald Trump winning next November’s election. It is no coincidence that in the interview Duda emphasized good relations with the former US president and current Republican candidate for the 2024 elections, with whom he had a “private” meeting last week. Earlier, Trump received British Foreign Secretary David Cameron for a confidential conversation.

“A friendly meeting in a very positive atmosphere,” Duda said after his conversation with Trump, which lasted two and a half hours. “A wonderful meeting of two friends who remembered the time when they worked together for four years in the presidency,” said Wojciech Kolarski, secretary of state in the Polish president’s office. “It was a very beautiful and fruitful period for Polish-American relations. Donald Trump has repeatedly emphasized great sympathy for Poland and appreciation for Poles,” concluded Kolarski.