US Presidential Election: Trump’s Lead in Polls Continues

Here's what the poll, conducted on behalf of CNN, found out

Donald Trump is still ahead of Joe Biden, according to a new poll conducted by SSRS for CNN.

Trump’s support is steady at 49%, while Biden’s support is at 43% (compared to 45% estimated in January). Notably, a majority (55%) say the tycoon’s presidency has been a success, while 61% explain that Biden’s legislative record to date has been a failure. This reflects the fact that essentially Republicans have been satisfied with Trump’s four years in office, while not too many Democrats are convinced by the current Biden government.

Virtually all of the current president’s policies have not gotten much consensus: 40% approve of his handling of the jobs issue, 45% approve of his health care policy, and 44% approve of his management of student debt. These are issues that have higher consensus but still receive less than 50% of it. Even lower are the indices of gratitude for the economy (34%), inflation (29%), and the war in Gaza (28%). In any case, the impressions are generally negative: 58% of voters have a negative view of Biden, 55% have a negative view of Trump, and 53% said they were dissatisfied with both candidates they would have to choose from.

In addition, including independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Cornel West, and Jill Stein, Trump would get 42% of the vote, Biden 33%, Kennedy 16%, West 4%, and Stein 3%.