USA Withdraws Troops from Niger

There are still more than a thousand star-spangled soldiers in the African country

Following the French military, the USA also decided to recall its soldiers from service at the Niger base. In March, the African country’s interim military government announced the “immediate termination” of all agreements previously made by ousted President Mohamed Bazoum that allowed the USA to use military and civilian personnel in the country for military operations of various types, including the fight against Islamist terrorism throughout the Sahel, the region south of the Sahara Desert that also includes Niger.

The new military authorities, widely supported by the people of Niger, have expressed strong anti-Western sentiments, especially against France, of which Niger is a former colony, insisting on the withdrawal of contingents of foreign soldiers. France withdrew its soldiers from Niger late last year, and now it’s the turn of US soldiers – more than a thousand – stationed at the base in Agadez, a city in the north of the African country. A Pentagon team of experts will arrive in Niamey, Niger’s capital, next week to organize the troop withdrawal.

In March 2024, Niger’s military authorities established a joint force with two neighboring countries, Mali and Burkina Faso, to combat the numerous jihadist groups operating in the territory. Since coming to power, Niger’s interim military government has intensified its political and military relations with Russia, which has been sending the African country, in addition to free humanitarian aid such as grain and fertilizer, also military instructors to train the Nigeran army.